All Systems go as we get VISION

All Systems go as we get VISION

We’re adopting state-of-the-art software that’s working wonders for our Canadian colleagues.
Before we became part of the IAA group, one of the things at the top of our ‘To Do’ list was to revamp our business software systems.
Our current software, Data Ease, was developed specifically for HBC and has been crucial in helping us to grow our business. But over the last 25 years, it’s fair to say that we have gradually outgrown this system and need to replace it.
So, when we joined IAA, we were keen to learn more about VISION, the business software used with great success by our colleagues in Canada. It’s an incredible package that is capable of handling pretty much every aspect of our business.
After undertaking a GAP analysis, we learned that adopting VISION was not only feasible but would bring major benefits for our business operations and clients alike. We decided to adopt the system and now teams in the UK, US, Canada and India are working hard to introduce it in early 2020. We sent colleagues out to Canada in November to train as VISION ‘champions’ while a team from Canada will be coming over to the UK next year to help us get to grips with the new software.
As well as the main operating system, the system will include an auction portal and a transport and logistics module called INFORM, which is set to make our route planning much more efficient. There will also be dedicated apps for our drivers and yard staff, which will speed up vehicle collections and bookings. You will still be able to manage your account online, although will notice a new interface that we hope makes your work simpler.
As we introduce VISION, we’ll let you know of any changes that you need to be aware of. Otherwise, you simply need to sit back and watch an ever-better quality of service unfold!

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