Introducing IAA Seller Portal™

On Monday May 4th we launched the new IAA Seller Portal™ which replaced our legacy Launchpad system.  IAA Seller Portal™ was initially launched in 2014 in Canada, and was very well received by insurers.  It contributed significantly to IAA’s success and growth in the Canadian market. Functionality was further enhanced in 2018 and Seller Portal has now been fully optimised for the UK.

IAA Seller Portal™ retains all the features of Launchpad, has much easier navigation and a fresh look plus design. New added functionality includes:

* Customisable dashboard

* Improved instruction form.

* New reporting filters.

Search ability including your reference or VIN number, or vehicle registration, the facility to upload documents or add notes to a file and an enhanced market guide for total loss determination.

We think you’ll find these features both impressive and valuable, more details on the IAA Seller Portal™ page.

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