Whether you're an insurance, fleet or accident management company, HBC can offer you a tailored salvage solution to suit your needs.

Extensive industry knowledge and experience.

HBC can take on all types of vehicles from across the UK. Our clients benefit from flexible, competitive financial packages, with no added extras and payment for salvage by return upon clearance.

Our UK wide team of experienced and dedicated staff, including professionally-trained drivers in an extensive fleet of specially constructed and liveried vehicle transporters, operate from 14 strategically placed sites in the UK and Northern Ireland. This means we’ve got the capacity to store many thousands of vehicles at any given time, with significant space to handle future accounts.

Each year, thousands of registered buyers – validated for ID and Credit – join and take part in our daily auctions, generating the highest market value returns.

In June 2018, we also added global vehicle marketplace support and expertise to our already proven UK services when we joined the IAA family of companies.

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Leading the way for over 50 years

Because we've led the way in UK vehicle salvage for over 50 years, we don't believe that anyone knows more about the salvage challenges you face – or that there's anyone better placed to help you resolve them.

That's probably why so many of the UK's leading insurance, fleet and accident management companies rely on us to take care of their salvage collection and disposal.

Clients appreciate our friendly, personal, flexible approach, and the way our experts talk their language. They welcome the constant flow of innovations from our IT specialists. And they know they can count on us to maintain their image through our professional, uniformed field service.

We can help you keep your salvage costs to an absolute, predictable minimum with no compromise on quality – making sure everything runs smoothly from notification to payment and achieving the highest market value returns through our daily online auctions.

Nationwide coverage

Canvey Island in Essex is the hub of our operations. It’s where most administration tasks are handled and also houses our extensive contact centre, which operates from 8am to 8pm.

With 14 strategic sites across the UK, we can offer additional flexibility for collection and storage. Our fleet of purpose-built vehicle transporters gives us the capacity to respond quickly and take care of large UK volumes, including new demands and peaks throughout the winter months.

We can reach any part of the UK mainland, Northern and Southern Ireland, The Channel Islands and Isle of Man and in most cases can return the same day.

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