HBC Launchpad

The comprehensive dashboard to manage your stock.

Launchpad gives you one easy, convenient place online where you can instruct, manage your stock, see details of every vehicle and then drill down to track its progress.

It’s quite simply the most powerful and flexible integrated salvage management system in the UK. Getting the management information you need has never been quicker or easier.

A “company summary” lets you look at all your instructions and vehicles, then search and filter for a group or individual instructions. You can see what’s outstanding and what needs attention. You can automatically retrieve vehicle details from the registration, populate location details from the postcode, send images and instructions straight from the screen, and get all the downloads you need – all without paper.

Updates happen almost in real time – with photos of vehicles collected from the field uploaded from HBC Alive. V5 documents, recovery and storage invoices are there whenever you need them, and comments and feedback are time and date tracked.

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